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LEAD Academy is an intensive six-day, 12-module training experience using innovative tools and experiential learning to empower recently hired, newly appointed or previously untrained health care leaders to better understand and use their strengths. Designed for health care supervisors and managers, LEAD is built on the underlying principle that effective leadership requires productive relationships to support excellence in patient care, sustainable business objectives and a safe patient environment.

"Leadership is what takes the average performer and guides them to becoming one of the best. The skills to become a leader can be learned, and with the tools provided during this Academy, any number of workers can make the jump from manager to leader."

- An Academy alum

LEAD Academy sessions provide a safe environment to practice newly learned skills and align work goals and actions to support the broader vision of the organization. Engaging activities guide participants through the pro-cess of understanding differing leadership styles and identifying the distinct challenges of being a leader. Specific program focus areas include:

  • Self-development
  • Supporting the development of others
  • Managing and developing a successful organization

The program also features local health care executives who will present practical insights on being a leader in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive health care industry.

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