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Custom Reports

A Custom Report compares an organization's pay levels to those of its peers. The requesting facility selects its peer organizations (a minimum of 15 is suggested to ensure sufficient data) to be included in the report. Allied for Health staff will generate an easy-to-read, custom report in an Excel spreadsheet to include the following:

  •       Facility Analysis. Compares an organization's average salary/hourly rate and salary structure minimum and maximum to the selected peer group's weighted average salary/hourly rate and average salary range minimum and maximum and shows the percentage difference by job.
  •       Salary Percentile Analysis. Reports the 25th, 50th and 75th salary percentiles and weighted averages of the selected peer group by job.
  •       Salary Range Analysis. Reports the weighted salary structure minimum, midpoint and maximum, average range spread, weighted average salary and the compa-ratio by job of the selected peer group.

Custom Reports can optionally be ordered by member hospitals who participated in the Executive, Management and Non-Management Compensation Surveys.

Click here to download 2017 Executive custom form (Excel Spreadsheet 2007 , 387KB)
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