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Survey Trek

Compensation managers and human resource directors are confronted each week by department managers concerned about their facility's ability to retain qualified individuals in high-demand positions. Antitrust guidelines restrict individual facilities from conducting telephone surveys or making direct inquiries regarding pricing, salaries and benefit costs for these positions. Adding to this frustration is the growing amount of ongoing re-engineering, new job development or combining job responsibilities to create new hybrid positions and not knowing how to benchmark them.

Survey Trek Is Here to Help
Through Survey Trek, trained compensation specialists will conduct individual custom salary surveys for new positions or for nonbenchmark positions that are difficult to quantify.

Survey Trek will:

  •       Provide updated salary data on positions.
  •       Reduce your antitrust liability.

How Does Survey Trek Work?

  •       You select the position (and facilities) to be surveyed. To ensure accuracy, provide a brief job description of the position.
  •       A compensation specialist from HASC will contact the facilities and invite them to participate in your special survey.
  •       HASC's staff will collect data through an input sheet. All data will remain confidential.
  •       A survey summary sheet will be prepared that reflects the aggregate data collected.
  •       Data will include the weighted average and the salary range (minimum and maximum). The report will include a list of participating facilities.

Survey Trek Participant Guidelines:

  •       Only participating facilities will receive a copy of the survey report.
  •       If, after conducting initial data collection, there is insufficient data, the sponsoring facility will only be billed an administrative fee.
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