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HR Metrics Survey

The HR Metrics Survey captures data on key human resources metrics from hospitals throughout California to assist HR leaders in making strategic decisions. The survey focuses on risk management (workers' compensation), acquisition and recruiting, retention and turnover, and compensation and benefits.

These quantitative measures provide a benchmark allowing leaders to know where they stand historically and how they compare externally to peers. Better data foster increased credibility as metrics are a tangible way of demonstrating the value of HR.

All of this is provided to survey participants in a comprehensive Annual Report. Survey participants can optionally order an Individual Facility Report comparing their hospital to all participating hospitals in aggregate.

Metrics measured include:


  •       # Unions per Facility
  •       # Agreements per Facility
  •       # Grievances per Facility

Operating Expense

  •       Payroll Costs per FTE/Headcount
  •       Benefits Costs per FTE/Headcount
  •       Total Operating Costs per FTE/Headcount
  •       Payroll as a % of Operating Costs
  •       Benefits as a % of Operating Costs
  •       Registry as a % of Operating Costs

Human Resource Structure

  •       HR Expense as a % of Operating Costs
  •       HR Expense per Employee
  •       HR Expense per HR Staff
  •       # Employees per HR Staff

Risk Mgmt. & Workers' Compensation

  •       Cases with Days Away per 1,000 EEs
  •       Other Recordable Cases per 1,000 EEs
  •       Total # of Days Away per 1,000 EEs
  •       Total Injuries per 1,000 EEs
  •       Fixed Contract per FTE/Headcount

Acquisition & Recruiting

  •       Accession Rate (Internal & External)
  •       Time to Hire (days)
  •       New Hires per Recruiting FTE
  •       Cost per Hire (Internal & External)
  •       Vacancy Rate


  •       Turnover Rate (Voluntary & Involuntary)
  •       Retention of New Hires
  •       Length of Service for Those Terminated

Regular and Per Diem Positions

  •       Exempt Employees
  •       Non-exempt employees
  •       Staff Nurse
  •       Core HR Staff

Leave of Absences

  •       Intermittent Leave
  •       Statutory Leave
  •       Policy Leave

Shared Services

  •       How many Organizations use a shared service model?
Download HR Metrics Glossary (Adobe Acrobat, 165KB)
Download HR Metrics Questionaire (Adobe Acrobat, 239KB)
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